​  Weight-training always terrified me. I have had a life-long struggle with a food addiction, cycling in and out of diets, chasing “skinny”. The one thing I never wanted to try was weight-training. I always associated weights with being "big". Bigger. Bulky. Looking like a man. After healing through whole, real foods, and losing 100 lbs I just want to be strong. I want to grow old gracefully and with mobility. I want to be able to lift things, throw things, and carry my own weight without a second thought, and because of Carolyn I now know I can, and I will!

   Finding Carolyn is the best thing that has happened to me since I began focusing on what matters, health! She just gets it! She understands I want long, lean muscles, and muscle mass to support me and my new healthy lifestyle. She understands that women and men are built differently and have different needs. She listened to what I envisioned, and together we are creating that vision! She helped me set goals, and she keeps me accountable. She is professional, punctual, and flexible…which as a busy professional, with two kids I really appreciate! Life happens and Carolyn understands that as a mom, and a business owner, herself. 

If being strong and fit is a goal-and why wouldn't it be, then Carolyn is your person! She really will help you change your life!"

Jennifer Joffe, CHHH
Happy Body Food

​My name is Kari and I have been lifting since December 2015. When I met Carolyn I was at a time in my life where my identity was something I was so unsure of. One thing I was sure of though, was I had this woman so strong and passionate about helping others and so motivated to build a healthy lifestyle not only for herself but for others as well. I knew I had to take advantage of the help she so desperately wanted to give me. I looked at her and told her I didn't want to lose any weight and I wanted a nice butt lol, she said "ok". Since that challenge and through all her patience with me and even some screaming through the pain, lol, I stand today a complete strong and confident woman. My identity is one thing I can be sure about today. No longer lost in brokenness I'm able to walk with my head held high knowing I accomplished something that was a challenge each and every day and I never gave up. I'm a role model for my children and a inspiration to other working mothers. With Carolyn having the passion, dedication, heart, and assertiveness she has she has changed my life forever. You will never know the ripple effect you created in my life. Thank you.

Initially, I was looking to lose 15lbs, grow a booty, and have a bikini body for my upcoming tropical vacation. Without judgement of my goals, Carolyn took me under her wing and assured me that I would achieve them. At first, I was a bit skeptical because she had me working out my arms and shoulders when I specifically wanted to target my stomach and glutes. I put my trust in her and followed her lead. She taught me the importance of having a well rounded workout regimen and sculpting each body part individually to feel good about my body in its entirety. I lacked a well rounded workout regimen, consistency, commitment, and discipline in which she
helped me restore. Not only am I happy with the physique she has helped me work so hard to achieve, I am happy with my newfound confidence, mindset, inner and outer strength that I have gained from training with Carolyn. I returned from my vacay even hungrier for forward progression with the continued guidance from Carolyn. I have never had so much fun with somebody who kicks my ass each time we meet. She has taught me the fundamentals of weight lifting while ensuring that I have proper form that will lead to lifelong success. I never get bored as she is innovative with each workout we tackle. She listens to my needs, pushes me to my limits, and challenges
me in ways I would never have. You want to get healthy, fit, look good, and feel good? CRUSH IT WITH CAROLYN.

On behalf of 1Starr Inc.  and our subsidiary, IndyGirl Yoga and Fitness, we would like to give a HUGE thank you to the wonderful Carolyn Gallagher for all of the hard work and empowerment programs that have helped so many achieve their health and fitness goals throughout the nation.

Ms. Gallagher is true inspiration in every sence of the word and we are proud to have her in the 1Starr Inc. Family.

JW Curtis


1Starr Inc.

IndyGirl Yoga & Fitness